Wednesday, July 15, 2015

As it slowly sinks in...

I was so preoccupied by my own little drama Monday that I completely forgot about Pluto. I'm so enjoying catching up - seeing the joy and jubilance in the probe's control room when those first pictures of the close fly-by came in (I love scientists. Just sayin'.) Looking at the pictures over & over again ... laughing at the internet wags coming up with memes using the new pics (I love internet wags, too). Now tell me, is it just me? Being kind of weak and recuperate-y? This song from Charon to Pluto by Jonathan Coulter got my eyes a little wet. Is it just me?

And last night (before I conked out for 9 hours straight) I saw some articles about and trailers for some movies that I had not realized I had sort of dismissed from consideration because (deep down where I wouldn't admit it) I wasn't entirely sure I would be around for their release dates - and that was the first time I had acknowledged that I was doing that. I feel like I must be a little schizophrenic, my mind hiding around corners from itself so it doesn't catch itself thinking what it's been thinking ... for some reason I have images of Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn and Walter Matthau playing cat-and-mouse among the pillars of that one building in Paris whose name I forget now.  It kind of brought me up short. Huh. Yes, I was actually thinking like that. Whoa.

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